Sonic Fusion Pedals News:


  Series THREE pedals are available now, countless improvements have been made. Many new pedals will be released in the coming days including many RunOffGroove circuits. Scott will be hard at work over the next several weeks recording sound clips.


  Scott Rolaf is welcomed as the newest endorser of Sonic Fusion Pedals


  LCD screen 4 and 8 channel pedal looper and 6 way amp channel switching control systems are almost ready for market! More to come...this will be a unique simple solution for complex pedalboard and amp control. Check back soon or email for more information and product sneak peek images. Estimated availability; May 2013.


  The Sonic Fusion Pedals FORUM is now up and running!


  Rob Carlton just signed as Sonic Fusion Pedals newest endorser


  Tom Martini YouTube video demos to be recorded in studio 2/25/2012


  Tom Martini of Distorted Voices signed as user/endorser of Sonic Fusion Pedals


  CKuz Guitars is now a stocking dealer of Sonic Fusion Pedals


  Critical Mass pedal limited production run has sold out.


  Now until 11/1/2011 buy any TWO pedals priced over $99 and receive a FREE Sonic Rocket Boost pedal! Contact me directly via email for this offer.


  The Ultrasonic Overdrive is now available for sale.


  Hamorny Central reviews are now available.


  The Deja Vecu Delay is now available for sale.


  The Guardian Angel Buffer is now available for sale.


  The Sonic ThunderTone is now available for sale.


  Warranty service for all pedals has been increased to FIVE years for any failures in parts or workmanship. Pedal MUST be registered within 30 days of purchase to activate this warranty.


  Reggie Moses selected as featured artist and signed as an official endorsee of Sonic Fusion Pedals.


  The Spring City Reverb is now available for sale. Available in Short, Medium and Long versions.


  New web site launched.


  70's Sonic Fuzz is now available for sale.


  West Chester Music selected as a dealer in South Eastern Pa.


  The Sonic Fusion (Revision 2) is now available for sale.

Control Systems
MIDI pedal switching system